San Francisco Bay's Premier Coffee Roasters

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I have a serious addiction to coffee. My preference is a rich sweet and complex shot of espresso. Most cafe's I've been to couldn't make a shot of decent tasting espresso to save their lives. But scattered throughout Northern California are a few jewels of cafes, and just as importantly there are fantastic coffee roasters who strive to bring us the freshest roast and tastiest coffee beans. I'm gathering up a list of my favorite cafes and roasters in Northern Californina.

Coffee Roasters
Moschetti Espresso -
Moschetti is a Northern California Microroaster of the finest organic, and pesticide-free, shade-grown, fresh roasted coffee beans. Small batch roasting insures the freshest coffee and finest control of the flavor profile of each single origin coffee bean or blend of the world's most fascinating coffees. Located in the North San Francisco Bay Area, Moschetti roasts coffee on a daily basis insuring the freshest coffee. Moschetti strives for dynamic, sweet, earthy, balanced and complex flavors by carefully choosing coffee beans from the world's coffee growing regions. We love and respect coffee. Contact Fabrice Moschetti for all your coffee and espresso needs, whether it be freshly roasted coffee beans or top of the line espresso machines.
Blue Bottle Coffee
Blue Bottle Cafe is San Francisco Microroaster.
Pacific Bay Coffee Inc.
Pacific Bay is a San Francisco Coffee Roaster
Ritual Coffee Roasters
Ritual Coffee is a San Francisco Coffee Roaster
Rogers Gourmet Coffee & Tea Market
Roger's Gourmet Coffee & Tea Markets a San Francisco Coffee Roaster
Graffeo Coffee Roasting Company
Graffeo is a San Francisco Coffee Roaster
Coffee Definitions
Is a concentrated, thick consistency coffee beverage brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Good espresso is sweet, and not bitter or sour, and has a characteristic layer of brown foam on top called Crema. Espresso is not a coffee roast or type of bean.
Brown foam on top of Espresso that is an emulsion of coffee oils, proteins and sugars.
Your highly skilled bartender who makes espresso using an espresso machine.
Affogato (drowned)
Espresso over vanilla ice cream or gelato
Cafe Americano
Espresso and hot water
Antoccino (priceless)
Single shot of espresso with equal amount of steamed milk.
Black Eye
A cup of drip coffee with two shots of espresso mixed together. (red eye, or Canadian)
Bombon (confection)
Espresso served with sweetened condensed milk.
Breve (short)
Espresso with half-and-half
Caffe Freddo
Pre-sweetened and served ice cold espresso. Not over ice.
Carajilo (nothing)
Espresso with a shot of Brandy.
one third espresso and one third steamed milk, and one third foam.
Corretto (corrected)
coffee witha shot of liquor, usually Grappa or Brandy.
Con Hielo (with ice)
Espresso with sugar immediately poured over two ice cubes.
Espresso cut with a small amount of warm milk
Sugar added to the brewing container before brewing of espresso. Sweet.
Double espresso. 2 ounces.
Espresso con Panna
Espresso with whipped cream on top.
Flat White
Coffee drink made of 1/3 espresso, and 2/3 steamed milk.
One or two shots of espresso poured over slices of lime. Sometimes served over ice and sometimes with a touch of milk.
Iced Coffee
Coffee brewed and chilled and served over ice.
Cafe Latte (milk)
Espresso with steamed milk and foam or not.
Latte Macchiato (stained milk)
Espresso poured over steamed milk.
Cafe Macchiato (stained or marked) (stained or marked) (stained or marked)
Small amount of milk or cream spooned onto the espresso.
Long Black
Espresso added to hot water
More water allowed past the espresso for a watered down, weaker espresso.
Latte blended with chocolate.
Red eye
Drip coffee with a shot of espresso
Ristretto (restricted)
Espresso with less water for a more concentrated espresso.
Small batch roasting of coffee allows for a hands on technique to insure that each batch of coffee is perfectly roasted to bring out the very best flavors.
Espresso Machines -
Conte, La Marzocco, Rancilio
Coffee Machines -
Drip, French Press or Nothing
Coffee Accessories
  • Artisanal Coffee
  • Artisan Coffee
  • Artisan Espresso
  • single origin espresso
  • single origin coffee
  • great shot of espresso
  • sweet tooth (a blend from Ritual)
  • single origin coffee
  • Single Origin Coffee with dynamic, sweet, balanced and complex flavors.
  • burst of berries
  • the freshest local roast
  • coffee cherries
  • Roasters Reserve
  • freshly harvested, seasonal coffees
  • coffee benefits
  • Microroasters of organic and shade grown coffee
  • hands-on approach to coffee roasting
  • We never preblend our coffees
  • people who are clamoring for the actual taste of freshly roasted coffee
  • superlative coffee
  • Moschetti Coffee Company
  • The Freshest coffee I have ever tasted ---- came from Moschetti Espresso, Moschetti Coffee, Moschetti Coffee Roaster..
  • an intoxicating coffee that produces a huge aroma
  • iconic coffee house
  • coffee at its peak of flavor